The Ultimate Guide to Making Virtual Tours – Part 2 – PTGUI

Here’s the second part of the complete workflow that I use when making a virtual tour. We’re starting with our HDR images from the Part 1, and we will be turning them into a complete 360 x 180 degree panorama using PTGUI Pro.

  • Ron Walley

    I am enjoying watching this process. Now that you have created the panorama, are
    you going to make a video segment on how to turn the panorama into an actual
    virtual tour? Are you working on that video now? When will it be up? Thanks for sharing with us. This is very interesting. I want to know how to do this.

    • PatrickNiddrie

      Hi Ron! Thank you for the kind words and motivation. Sorry for the delay! I’m a working photographer and the last few weeks have been a very busy time for me (which is a good problem, haha!) The next video will be up soon. Essentially, it involves fixing the panorama for color and tone in Photoshop, and bringing it in to the Virtual Tour software. Then we export those files and upload them to a server so the whole world can see it! The software that I use for that is Pano2VR. Once again I’m sorry it’s taking so long but it will be up soon, I promise 🙂

      • Aram Chehayeb

        Hi Patrick, thank you for these videos; they have been very helpful! I was wondering if you had time to work on a third video or even just a quick written tutorial for fixing the panorama, making it a virtual tour and uploading to a server. Thanks again!

  • Kelsey

    Hey Patrick, I am going to do my first virtual tour ever and for my employer I need to tell them how many hours it will roughly take. I know each project varies and this being my first will probably take longer but typically how long does it take you from start to finish?

  • Vanessa D

    You’ve been so helpful! You just walked me through my first virtual tour ever and a lot of my stress was dissipated by your videos. Wish you had time to continue with part 3 of this tutorial. I could really use it right about now. Either way, you rock! Thanks so much!

  • Rodrigo

    Hello There Patrick, first off your hilarious i crack up watching your tutorials! They are very well done and super detail oriented so thank you for that. You have helped me get to a point where inderstand how to create an 360 pano and i took your advice and went with the Pano2VR software and it works great for me to view what i ahve done. Now i need to share with my client can you make a video covering how to share you images with a client for their end use?

    Thank you for your time!

    Rodrigo Donoso

    • Patrick

      Hi Rodrigo, thanks so much for the kind words! I’m really sorry for the delay but I will have a video covering that in the not-too-distant future. The Pano2VR/Garden Gnome Software website offers some great tutorials in the meantime. Best of luck!

  • John Samy

    Hi Patrick
    Thank you so much for this helpful content and nice videos. I am searching for something simple I want to make a VR tour by capturing some photos using Googe Cardboard Camera. Do you know how can I link group of different photos into 1 tour. I am not sure if you downloaded Cardboard app from play store. There is a tour for Versai Palace.. I want to make something similar. Can you guide me please 🙂

    • Patrick

      Hey John, I haven’t used the google cardboard camera yet; however, if you would like to link all of the panoramas together into a tour, I’d give Pano2VR, Kolor Panotour, or krpano a try. I personally use Pano2Vr but it may be too complex for your needs.

  • Decebal Iuliu Gorea

    Hi, Patrick,

    Please excuse my bad English…

    My name is Decebal, I’m from Romania and I want to thank you for those wonderful tutorials. I learnt a lot from you and I know that I still have to learn a lot. Since now I made some virtual tours of romanian churches and I posted them on my website:

    I worked with Lightroom, Photoshop, PTGui, and Pano2VR, but my “disappointment” is related with the zoom in process in the virtual tour. When I make zoom in, in order to see some details, I loose the clarity of the image. The panoramic image that I export from PTGui is perfect (it is a JPEG, 8000×4000 pixels with a resolution of 300 pixels/inch), but when I import it in Pano2VR, I think the resolution changes. Anyway, after I export the image from Pano2VR, in HTM or HTML5 format, and I try to make zoom in into the virtual tour, I loose clarity. Could you help me in this issue? And another question: What do you think about krpano panoramic viewer ( Do you think it can provide a better clarity of the image?
    Thank you very much!
    With gratitude,

  • T.zkan

    We left the panorama at 8 bits? Correct? And how to add vertical points? Its another section that we tell to software that we will put points For vertical lines? Because in vertical points we dont put points at same place like we do Match between two scenes so how where we choose and tell software that this time will put points for showing verticals?

  • sotirios albanis

    Hi Patrick, I have a question about the export of the final Panorama. Upto stichting the images have all been TIFF. When you export the fianal image ready for the tour, what file do you export this as? TIFF seems to really slow my browser down.