• Jason


    Thanks for putting up the video. Just wondering, what equipment do you use? (what camera, nodal model/series). Thank you.


    • Patrick

      Hey Jason – I use a Nikon 10.5mm fisheye lens on a Nikon D750 (on cropped sensor mode – if I had more money I would upgrade to a full frame fisheye lens) and a Nodal Ninja 3 pano head on a Manfrotto tripod.

  • Ali Tabriki

    Thank you so much, It was a great tutorial

  • T.zkan

    Hi i saw the video named ” How to Photograph a 360° Pano for Virtual Tours “. I would like to know which software you used for stitching especialy you used for ground check points to vanish the tripod. Is it PTGui? Or another?

  • T.zkan

    And can i ask i set shutter speed priority or diaphragm priority serting for AEB.?

    • PatrickNiddrie

      Use full Manual mode

  • sotirios albanis

    Hi Patrick, do you change the shutter speed for each individual shot based on what the exposure meter is saying? I’ll be taking my Pano’s outdoors and the light is not going to be that consistant.

    • PatrickNiddrie

      Hi – it’s super important that you keep the shutter speed the same, otherwise your exposures won’t match and you’ll have dark and light areas. This rule applies to outdoors too. You can bracket to create an HDR if you are trying to capture a large dynamic range. If your main issue is moving clouds, you’ll just need to shoot quickly.

      • sotirios albanis

        Thanks for this. I’ve done a few tests and found that making sure the picutres are correctly exposed was the better outcome, why would this be? I am also using HDR.