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Using a 360 Camera to shoot Virtual Tours

360 Cameras are here to stay – but are they good enough for virtual tours? 360 Cameras, such as the Samsung Gear 360, have been making a huge splash of late; the market has gotten big enough that players like Nikon and Samsung have released their own models. Naturally, I’ve had a lot of people asking if these cameras are suitable ... Read More »

Virtual Tour Software You Need

Ever wonder what software you need to create a Virtual Tour? In this post, I’ll tell you about all the programs that you can use to get started! I will start off by giving an overview of the steps involved in my post-production workflow, from importing the images to getting the virtual tours online, and then I’ll discuss the software ... Read More »

About Patrick

Hi ladies and gents! My name is Patrick Niddrie, and I’m the creator of this here website. I began my foray into making virtual tours in 2008, when I was putting together a bunch of panoramas that I took while traveling around Australia and Asia. After stitching those panoramas together, it dawned on me that I could act­ually create virtual ... Read More »

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Virtual Tour – Part 1

When I first began learning how to make virtual tours, I could not find a comprehensive guide that covered all of the bases. There was a sort of patchwork of tutorials and posts on forums, but I had to learn the hard way. Well it’s almost 2014, and virtual tours are gaining popularity, and it’s about damn time that changed! ... Read More »