About Patrick

About Patrick

Hi ladies and gents! My name is Patrick Niddrie, and I’m the creator of this here website. I began my foray into making virtual tours in 2008, when I was putting together a bunch of panoramas that I took while traveling around Australia and Asia. After stitching those panoramas together, it dawned on me that I could act­ually create virtual tours!

Trying to learn how to make my first virtual tour proved to be a daunting task, because there was no “go-to” resource explaining everything I needed to know. I did a lot of experimentation and spent tons of time honing this craft while running my company, True View Images. As I learned more, I did virtual tours for major Universities, hotels, B&B’s and real estate agents.

I checked back a few years later to see if there was a place on the web where one could learn how to make a virtual tour from start to finish – and I found that there wasn’t! Remembering what it was like to have to learn from a hodgepodge of tutorials, I decided to create Make Virtual Tours in order to help the folks that were in my position when I first started. The result is this very website! My goal for the site is to share all of the knowledge that I’ve gained about how to make the best virtual tours possible – from start to finish.

I love hearing from you, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask on twitter!

  • Great videos. I’d love to see some of your new work.

    I’m new on creating these and so far they are the only guides I have found on the web.


  • Good night Patrick Niddrie,
    I just started with google street view and I’m having a hard time to work with the program, as many things are not well explained just like you said. For example, do I have to insert the panos, the photos should really be in hdr, I’m doing a lot of tests, could you give a little hint, would you mind?
    On Street view editor there when uploading the photos you have the options prestiched or unstiched, I got really confused if I shoud put the panoramic photos, or just the hdr.

    Can you help me out?

    • Patrick

      Hi Alexei, I’m sorry but I have not worked with Street View. From what I can tell, you need to create a geotagged 360 panorama of at least 14 megapixels and upload it to the google maps website. For more info, check here: https://support.google.com/maps/answer/7012050#tips_multiple_photos

    • Hi Alexei! I currently work with a Google Street View Trusted Photographer, and actually work on the backend of Google a lot. Hopefully I can help, because I know from experience the program changes a lot, and it’s hard to get the latest tutorials! Personally, I’ll create a panoramic image – with full HDR and stitched together – and then I’ll upload to Google’s servers. So I’ll make sure to click “prestitched” – by doing all of that work beforehand on your own, you’ll get better results. From there you can create your “web” in the Google backend, which is how the user will walk around the establishment, from pano to pano. And after that first initial uploading of the panos, Google is pretty good about leading you through the process from there! Hope it helps!

  • Luis Gil

    Hello Patrick,

    I am going to start a business of making virtual tours. Your videos have been a great help for me. Right now I am in the process of acquiring the equipment. I want to buy a Nikon D750 and I want to take advantage of the full frame capability. I know that you recommend the 10.5 mm lens of Nikon but I can not find that lens in FX format. So I am thinking in using the 16 mm instead. I think that the 16 mm could have less eyefish distortion? I am not an expert photographer in fact I am very knew but I have been researching a lot. So any help will be appreciated. Thanks for any help,


    • Patrick

      Hey Luis, I am actually shooting with a D750 and the cropped frame 10.5mm. It’s not ideal but it works. The 16 mm would be your best bet if you have the budget. Don’t worry about the fisheye distortion, in fact the fisheye lens is better than the rectilinear lenses for virtual tours.

  • Milton Richardson

    Looked at your examples, they looked very good and ver interesting. But is there a way to go one step further so you can move around like in the Street View of Google Maps. Where the user can control where he is located in the room, where the user can wall the a room to the next room or down a hall way?
    I am very interesting in developing the capability to do the virtual tours myself, I have been watching your videos.

    • Patrick

      Hi Milton, yes this is possible but you will need to create many more panoramas to do this. More panoramas means either a) more work, b) buying a cheap 360 camera like the ricoh theta s and sacrificing a bit of quality, or c) buying a very expensive 360 camera like the gopro omni. Most of the virtual tours I do involve multiple panoramas, but the client will pay more for that. Then you can tie all those panoramas together in a program like pano2vr.

  • Raul Cardona

    Hello Patrick,
    I was very intrigued by your Youtube videos on how to make 360 Virtual Tours. I am a college student from Houston, TX and I am interested in the visual arts. As a beginner into the 360 Virtual Tour, do you have any tips on how to be successful? I was wondering what panorama software is used to make the virtual tours. Thank you. Big Fan.

    • Patrick

      Hi Raul, thanks for the question. I’d say to be successful, you obviously need a website with your work. You need to develop a virtual tour, even if nobody has hired you to do it. That may involve approaching a hotel or university and offering to do it for free. Once you get that done, you need to start doing direct marketing. You need to email all the hotels, B&B’s, real estate agents, etc in your area and introduce yourself and your services. While doing this, take your computer or an iPad with an example virtual tour loaded up on it and start knocking on doors. You need another job in the meantime. Soon people will start calling you and eventually you can quit your day job and make a website teaching people how to make virtual tours. At least, that’s what I did!

  • Mujtaba

    Hi, I am using samyung 8mm fish eye lens for Nikon. I again and again try/test but failed to stitch properly kindly find the below images and help me out by sending the screenshot of the control points that you think suitable for my case.

    waiting to your response. Thanks

  • hmck

    Have you looked at the Nikon Key Mission 360 to do Virtual Tours?

    • Patrick

      Yes, unfortunately the reviews show that the stitching is poor and the user experience is lacking, so I can’t recommend it right now.

    • PatrickNiddrie

      I haven’t used it but I’ve read some reviews and checked out some samples. My opinion is here http://www.makevirtualtours.com/360-camera/

  • John DeSouza

    Hi Patrick,
    I have been following your videos and since have got the bluehost for my website. I have not been able to get the link for the tour to work from Filezilla and embed in my wordpress website. please help

    • PatrickNiddrie

      Hi John – sorry for the delay. Any luck with this?

  • Have you considered the Vuze.camera with 3d viewing?

  • Minh Tang

    Hey Patrick,

    I’ve done assignments using my D800, but it’s too much work and most of the time the client doesn’t need this high resolution for web. I was wondering if any current 360 cams have high resolution and a good stitching? I can’t seem to find a pro 360 cam to do this.

  • Saeed Qamar

    Hi Sir Patrick,

    I was very intrigued by your Youtube videos on how to make 360 Virtual Tours. i am not use any camera i am make 360 Pic in 3d Max then i convert into 360 panotour. But i need your help i want to share my 3d 360 to other Friends and People but its not showing without panorama viewer and ( krpano Testing Server ) so its a problem for me …